Lou Gopal

Lou Gopal, artist and songwriter, has been playing music all his life. Starting at the age of four, he started taking violin lessons in classical music. Sparked by rock and roll in the Fifties, he took up the guitar and started writing songs embarking on his long time passion for music.

After retiring from Boeing, he’s continued to pursue his love of music, performing his original material which may be classified as Americana – sort of a mix of James Taylor, Jim Croce and Jimmy Buffett. Most importantly, he continues to sing his stories, engage and entertain while simply just having a good time in this old world.

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I’m a storyteller
I must pass on my tales
I can’t tell them to the land for they will be buried
I can’t tell them to the wind for they would blow away
But I can tell them to my children
And their children
And I will live forever

Lou Gopal 7/2018